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Fast approaching 30 I've fallen in to teaching, a career though championed by many amongst my friends and family, I've tried desperately to avoid. Worse still I appear to have missed the heyday when students were keen and wages were plenty. Having left city-life behind to support my partner through a prolonged recovery from cancer, it's clear I've become isolated, not only from my old life, but from the future I hoped it would lead to...

There must be more to life than this..?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Non-Moan no.3 (Week 5)

The Poly-Blend Cage!
After  a foul day at work, irritating colleagues, impending deadlines, annoying students (You get the picture) I arrive home and decide it is time to strip out of the cage like collar I’m forced to endure and cosy up in my pyjamas.
The material of my shirt has been rubbing all day, chaffing my skin as I stretch to write on the board. Then foolishly I attempt to remove my shirt and jumper without undoing any of the buttons.

This proved to be a HUGE mistake. Ultimately it led to me being trapped for ten minutes straight in my own clothes. Literally trapped. Half up around my shoulders, pinning  my arms down. I could not move for love nor money.
I actually wore myself out attempting to rectify the situation but my clothes refused to release me. With each tug and pull my frustration grew, exhausting me.
Eventually after being rescued, my arms numb from fatigue, I sat and pondered ‘Should there be anything more humiliating than not being able to undress one’s self at the age of twenty nine?’


JUST ME said...

This happens to me every time I get drunk.

Belle said...

This killed me. I could just picture you struggling. I remember a movie scene where an actor was trying to get out of his clothes to make love with the actress. He was flailing around not able to take them off, it was so funny.

Thisisme. said...

Hi there. I've now found your blog and would very much like to follow , if you don't mind. I did send you a message earlier! That must have been SO frustrating for you, getting trapped in your clothes like that. LOL! But not funny at the time, I'm sure.

Drew Benn said...

Glad it amused you all hehe. Please do followme you'd be very welcome! I'm still new to all this so always appreciate a fresh eye :D

Apologies if I've missed an email, i might have deleted it on my phone by accident as it's been playing up lately :( sorry about that.

It was a little like something off a really bad sitcom.

Drew x

The Frisky Virgin said...

Oooooooooooh, I've had that happen a time or two. I always wonder how on earth something like that can possibly happen. Well, for me, once it was due to an earring (add fear of ripping my earlobe to the equation and you have full out panic); another time I was just grouchy (very bad day) and wanted my sweater off--suppose I took a wrong turn somewhere between my left sleeve and neck area. :/

Drew Benn said...

Oooh the earring thing I've had that happen too! It can be painful! I used to have a friend who had the back of his neck pierced and he once got his jumper caught on that when he tried to take it off - led for a very loud and painful incident with much profanity!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I laughed out loud at this visual! hahaha. I'm with Frisky--my earing, necklace, etc have been caught on sweaters and nothing hurts more than having your ear tugged on...you are so helpless.

I have no idea why but your blog posts don't show up on my feed and I missed all of these! :-( Sorry to just be getting to them now!!

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