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Fast approaching 30 I've fallen in to teaching, a career though championed by many amongst my friends and family, I've tried desperately to avoid. Worse still I appear to have missed the heyday when students were keen and wages were plenty. Having left city-life behind to support my partner through a prolonged recovery from cancer, it's clear I've become isolated, not only from my old life, but from the future I hoped it would lead to...

There must be more to life than this..?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Non-Moan no.1 (Week3)

Animals who have too much to say.
So today I woke up a little tired, my cats decided to erect a small trampoline underneath my bed at about 4am to see who could jump the highest and push the hardest through my mattress, while all the time screeching and moaning. Still I left for work wearing my happy face.
I only teach two lessons on a Monday, the last of which is with my... Hmm... How to put it nicely... My more demanding class? The majority of this small group are very well behaved and work hard, however there is one particular student who frankly is the bane of my life. Most of the students in this class arrive in the mornings packed with breakfasts of chocolate and energy drinks which I always think is an encouraging sign... Or not.
Anyway my first class went well and then I got in to this class. First of all the equipment we were hoping to use had not been charged or replaced properly so we weren’t able to. And then the lesson seemed to decline in productivity. .. Rapidly.
I hate shouting at students, I’d imagine as most teachers do, I see it as a sign of weakness, but this one curly haired little muppet wound me up. I know it sounds utterly ridiculous but after our little confrontation I felt like crying. How stupid is that? Admittedly I’m very young (still in my twenties) but still, I shouldn’t be wanting to cry over such things should I?
It wasn’t what was said, none of it was personal, it just seemed to drain me, immediately exhausting me. To be totally honest it ruined my afternoon ! Sometimes those children are animals! Animals I say!
Anyway I finished early as I do every Monday and left to buy lunch on the way home. I stopped at a local grocery shop and sat outside was this beautiful Border collie mix. I swear as I approached it to pass in to the shop it looked me up and down, sneered and then huffed.
Now admittedly I’ve had a bad day at this point, so I chalk it down to my overactive imagination and walk inside to buy my food.  Then upon leaving the store I glance again at this wonderfully, happy looking dog only to be reviled by another sneering expression. Imagine if you’ve ever smiled at someone in a pub or club and they’ve mistaken it for flirting and it hasn’t been welcomed! It was that kind of look and yes I know I’m talking about a dog. But it’s true... I’m not crazy... honest...


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