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Fast approaching 30 I've fallen in to teaching, a career though championed by many amongst my friends and family, I've tried desperately to avoid. Worse still I appear to have missed the heyday when students were keen and wages were plenty. Having left city-life behind to support my partner through a prolonged recovery from cancer, it's clear I've become isolated, not only from my old life, but from the future I hoped it would lead to...

There must be more to life than this..?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Non-Moan no.3 (Week 3)

Over enthusiastic colleagues
Now I know I don’t speak very highly of my job. In fact at times I believe water torture, or being doused in petrol and set alight, or being forced to spend time in the company of Sarah Palin might actually be preferable... (Did I just say that?! Eek... Eww @ Sarah Palin)
But there are occasional moments, fleeting though they might be where I actually enjoy parts of my job. Very occasionally, not often, so don’t get too excited.
I like helping the students who you can really see are trying desperately to better themselves by getting an education. I like the ones who have a maturity that means we can share moments of humour that most might not understand. Mostly I enjoy the times when you can watch the expression of amazement on a student’s face when they realise they’ve actually achieved something.
So I’m not completely dead on the inside (Did you hear that thud and the consequent echo..? That’s a heart! It’s alive!).
But there are always one or two members of staff, and I’m sure this is the same in EVERY workplace, who frankly are unnaturally enthusiastic about their role. So much so it might drive you to desire the sudden apparition of a blunt object in order to be able to rush toward them and bludgeon them to death.
I am not talking about those who simply enjoy their work, or perhaps really want to do well... I mean the ones where you can almost sense a more sinister undertone in their perkiness... One that requires them to be smacked down by the hand of God... should he/she actually exist.
This week I have been forced in to several encounters with such a member of staff. Sleazy. Overly familiar in their greeting. Utterly repulsive as they ooze a putrid stench of selfish ambition.
It’s no wonder upon entering the weekend I find myself sleeping in late today. I spent most of the energy I’d acquired this week through my excessively nutritious diet (Fizzy drinks and curry are good for you right?) attempting not to raise my hand and punch this person in the neck.
The smarmy smile they wear disgusts me as they thrust themselves in to every situation they can, whether welcomed or not, usually the latter. All this person is missing is a forked tongue and a lack of limbs, which is ironic when you consider he has no spine!
Rant over... I’m not moaning... *cough* honest *cough*


Baglady said...

Ugh, I hate people that try too hard. It makes me want to thump them.

I'm a positive person (at least I think I am) but this has to be balanced with a healthy dose of cynicism or at least a dollop of sarcasm to make it acceptable.

Fizzy drinks and curry at the same time?

(Nice comment box :) )

Drew Benn said...

hehe ty I found some very helpful person to help me on the forum! I'm a bit rubbish at the whole HTML thing.

Well I wouldn't necessarily mix the fizzy drink in to the curry :P

And I agree with you! People who try too hard should be beaten! A Facebook group needs to be started or some form of a more solid political movement to ensure this becomes standard practice!

Ooooh I sense another rant hehe...

Eternal Worrier said...

Yes the 'Over enthusiastic colleagues.' Why would anyone like their job that much. Very funny piece of writing.

Drew Benn said...

Ah thank you :)

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