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Fast approaching 30 I've fallen in to teaching, a career though championed by many amongst my friends and family, I've tried desperately to avoid. Worse still I appear to have missed the heyday when students were keen and wages were plenty. Having left city-life behind to support my partner through a prolonged recovery from cancer, it's clear I've become isolated, not only from my old life, but from the future I hoped it would lead to...

There must be more to life than this..?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ta Dah!

On Friday morning I finished my first novel! I still have some drafting to do; I need to tidy it up a little bit, check for mistakes, narrative and otherwise, but I love it.

I know it hasn't been published (yet) but I've actually written a full length novel. I really feel like I've achieved something and it's made me very happy.

So the next few weeks I'll be revising it, sentence by sentence, word by word, to ensure its the best it possibly can be. I know there are no second chances once it has been sent to literary agents so I want to ensure it is in tip top condition. That way I know if people don't want to take me on their books then it's not because of some improvement I could have made and didn't.

I'll keep you updated as to how it all goes. I feel very content for the first time in a long time.

Drew x


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing your first novel! What an accomplishment!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning...I just wanted to return the blog love. XOXO


Drew Benn said...

Awwe thanks Sam, I thought your blog was fab! I'll definitely be tuning in for more :)

Baglady said...

Wow, I'm so impressed (and a bit envious)! What sort of book is it? Do tell more, please!

(BTW, your comment box always appears wrong on my screen - I have to keep jiggering around and hitting the tab key to find the "post comment" button)

Drew Benn said...

Hehe, Thank you - it's taken me about 18months so don't be too impressed D: I've dragged it out terribly.

Oooh and I believe I've fixed the comment box problem but please do let me know or drop me an email if it persists! I hate all this HTML stuff, kind of getting the hang of it, but then I blink or sleep and forget it all...

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